What is urHL7?

urHL7 is an open source HL7 (version 2) parser, that from a high level, encompasses many useful parsing and handling processes for HL7-type messages. These processes easy to use and can be imported into your own projects for use. urHL7 is not affiliated with HL7 International (hl7.org), but their industry standard specification is handled by this project.

The driving factor for the development of this project was from a lack of simple, easy to use, HL7 parsing and manipulating tools that were required for day-to-day development at University of Rochester Medical Center.

Who develops this?

Most of the development for urHL7 is done at the University of Rochester Medical Center. The development is led by David Morgan (Lead Integration Analyst at URMC) and supported by other developers in various departments. Major contributors and supporters include Dr. David Krusch, Marco Casale, Phil Ng and Kevin Brolly